Be on the Show

Media Release Agreement:
By registering and submitting to "The Sitdown with Julian Miller," you consent to be photographed by means of video recording and you grant the producer of the footage, the Company, and their successors, assigns, carrier stations, network station(s), sponsor(s) of the program and marketing and advertising agents (as well as their affiliated and related entities) the right to record and use your name, voice, and likeness worldwide in perpetuity for any purpose whatsoever. In addition you release the above parties from any and all liability for loss of damage to person or property while at or around the premises, and you agree to comply with all rules and regulations of Company and its parents, partners, subsidiaries and related companies.

Someone from the Booking Department will contact you if we're able to fulfill your request. Please note, appearance on the show is not guaranteed. The Show reserves the right to refuse or revoke entry at anytime.
  1. Indie Music Artist
    Are you An unsigned artist, unsigned band or independent artist is a musician or musical group not under a contract with a record label. Come and Release your next big hit & perform it on the show!
  2. Dancer
    Is dancing your passion? Let us see your moves! Beginners & Professionals
  3. Entrepreneur
    Are you self empolyed? Are you your own boss? If so, Submit youself so we can know more about YOU and what you have going on.
  4. Company/Organzation
    Wheather its a small/large Company, We will love to hear more about it! Submit yourself so we can get to know more about your company so we can jump on board to help push it to the next level!
  5. Promotional Material
    Is it a Movie, TV, Stage Play, Release Party, Nominations happening soon? Get a one and one Interview by Julian so everyone can Tune in to see what you have been working on! MAKE YOUR PROJECT GO VIRAL!
  6. Other
    If you do not see your choice listed, please let us know how would you like to be on the show!
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